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Responsible for personal data

FOR REAL FOODS NORDIC AB, Organization number 559237-8805, 471 32 Skärhamn, is responsible for the company's processing of personal data.



How do we process your personal information?

When you buy from an online shop, ours or someone else's, you give us information about yourself. Where you live, your email address and what you bought. Some of our customers wonder what we do with this information, which we formally describe below.


The basis of everything we do is to treat our customers as we would like to be treated, always. This also applies when it comes to information.



What information do we collect?

Generally speaking, we collect as little information as possible. We need to know where you live in order to send the goods to your home. If you order for your work or summer residence, we don't even need to know where you live.


If you want to order by invoice, our payment partner Klarna must have your social security number. Only then can you get your goods sent home against an invoice.


When paying by card, you are required to provide your credit card number. This goes via a secure server via Klarna, which handles card payments with us.


Furthermore, we need to know which products you order and we need your email address to contact you with delivery notifications, changes in information, etc.



How do we use this information?

We use this information to process your order. We use your e-mail address to send you information. If you do not want to receive information from us, you can easily unsubscribe from future newsletters via a link in the information email and you will never be contacted by us again.



Cookies uses different types of cookies to improve the user experience for our visitors. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor's browser and save information about your behavior on our website such as products that have not been ordered yet or to keep visitors logged in to the website even if they close their browser window so they do not have to log in again.


We also use cookies to optimize the marketing of our services. You will be automatically notified about the use of cookies when you visit the website. If you want to visit our website without saving cookies, you can limit how your browser handles cookies. You can also delete your cookies on your own computer at any time. However, this will limit some of the user experience we provide today.




Our website uses Google analytics to collect user statistics for the website, the data collected in Google analytics is anonymous where we register which country users are surfing from which IP address, language settings and browser versions etc. Google analytics then presents data to us in anonymized form.


AdWords saves a cookie on your computer or other browser device to enable us to promote the services we think visitors might be interested in. The ads may appear with third parties using the Google Display Network.


Users can withdraw their consent to receive ads via the Google Display Network or participate in the Analytics statistical tool at any time. Read more about Google's terms of use for Analytics( and Google Tag Manager(




To market our services to those who have a Facebook account, we use the same type of cookies as with Google AdWords. We also market to similar groups using "Pre-Targeting", which means that if your internet behavior is similar to that of another individual, you will be targeted with products that we assume are of interest to you.


Users can withdraw their consent to be exposed to ads from us at any time by managing their settings on Facebook(



Information to other stakeholders

We never disclose your information to anyone else. Exceptions are made if we are obliged by law for some reason.



Remove your information from our database

The only information we keep is your email address. The rest of the information is only stored to support the financial transaction.


If you don't want us to have your email address in our newsletter database, you can email us at and we will remove it.




You can contact our Data Protection Officer at any time if you have questions or need access to your personal data. The matter will be dealt with within 72 hours.


Data Protection Officer Daniel Nowak
For Real Foods Nordic AB
Södra Hamnen 3


471 32 Skärhamn


Tel: 031- 144 666