Winner - fast food of the year 2023!

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A knowledgeable jury has spoken: For Real! Foods wins this year's MåBra election 2023 in the Fast Food category!

When the food editors at Må Bra magazine listed the best health food in 2023, our pizzas were named the fast food of the year. An award that we are very proud and happy about.

Every year, producers and readers alike have the opportunity to nominate their health favorites for this year's MåBra selection. A knowledgeable jury then (literally) digs into the large selection to review and taste all the products. Tables of contents and nutritional declarations are visible, but sustainability and climate impact are also taken into account.

The news that ticked all the criteria will be highlighted as this year's MåBra choice 2023!


This is what the jury said about our bread-free health pizzas:


Being able to claim "rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc and copper" on a pizza is not common.
But this is what happens when you use bases made from cabbage or chicken (!) instead of wheat. These pizzas are made in Sweden and taste exactly how you want pizza to taste.


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