Now at Urban Deli STHLM!

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Urban Deli - A paradise for food lovers

In the heart of STHLM you will find Urban Deli and their shop, market hall and restaurant. Here you will also find our pizzas that have their very own freezer in the middle of the store!
Urban Deli themselves say that they want to make food life easier, tastier and happier. The food should be good for the taste buds and have been developed in a way that is good for people, animals, the environment and the climate - without unnecessary waste of resources.


For Real! Foods is very proud to be part of this!


It's also extra fun that this has been picked up by the media!
"Conscious Stockholmers are now being introduced to the new pizza trend where the traditional base has been replaced by bread-free variants. The Swedish innovation bread-free frozen pizza with a base of Swedish white cabbage or Bjärefågel chicken will be part of Urban Deli Sveavägen's range from February 2023."


Please read more HERE and go check out Sveavägen 44 if you're in the area!

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