Let's reverse the trend and start eating REAL FOODS again, not FAKE FOODS?

Real vs Fake foods

Despite study after study showing how bad ultra-processed food is for our health, its consumption is increasing very rapidly.

Ultra-processed food means food that has been radically altered in color, shape and taste with the aim of optimizing our consumption rather than our well-being. This is of course driven by the big food giants and their quest for profits. Mainly it's about bad fats, sugar and white flour, which, together with additives, give us a lot of energy but limited nutrition and lack of satiety 🍟🥪🍔🍕🍩🍪🧁.

Instead of Fake foods, we want to offer real food with nutrition, protein and fiber that feels good to eat. Thank you all for supporting us in the fight For Real Foods! 🍕🌱🥬🍅

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