Bread-free, more natural than you think

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Are you one of those who suffer from grain without knowing it?

For some, the decision to eliminate grains and gluten is a simple one. A growing proportion of the population today suffers from celiac disease (gluten intolerance), which means that their intestines become inflamed by gluten, a collective name for hundreds of different proteins found in wheat, rye and barley. But why is this the case? And does it mean that everyone else who doesn't have this diagnosis can eat white flour without problems? Well, it's not quite that simple...🤔.

As so many times before, the answer is found in what we are evolutionarily adapted to eat and the food industry's quest for money💰 From an evolutionary perspective, cereals have not been around for very long (only 10,000 years) and have been modified by the industry to maximize harvests🌾 Our bodies are simply not adapted to eat this modern and evolved crop. An interesting parallel can be found in the feed industry. Here, it's widely known that our pets are sensitive to grains and so there are lots of dog and cat foods labeled "grain-free" but for some reason this hasn't reached humans.

Cereals and gluten are not necessarily a problem only for people with coeliac disease. Gluten has been shown time and again to increase the permeability of the gut, allowing foreign substances to enter the bloodstream, resulting in immune reactions. Maybe your fatigue, itchy skin, psoriasis, bloated stomach, IBS, or poor immune system is due to this.

Nutrient deficiency is another problem that can arise as so-called antinutrients in cereals inhibit the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins.

You may be symptom-free today but the older we get the more vulnerable we become and the more important it is to go back to a diet similar to that of our ancestors.

Listen to your body and try going bread-free too. Maybe you can avoid those problems you've been dealing with for so long and accepted as part of your life💚.

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