Our climate responsibility

At For Real Foods, we not only want to help people regain their health, but also reduce the unnecessary use of the Earth's resources.

Today, more than 30% of all food produced is thrown away, while much of the food that actually reaches our mouths is food that no one really needs. The most important thing for us, therefore, is to produce only REAL FOOD that our bodies need.

Our products are therefore designed with the following philosophy:


We produce nutrition and not empty calories. Nutrient-dense food is food with a lot of nutrients per calorie that our bodies need. In contrast, nutrient-poor food, with the majority of empty calories, has no real purpose and is thus a waste of the Earth's resources.


Less than 1% of all frozen food is thrown away compared to over 30% for fruits and vegetables! The same figure applies to cereals where almost 30% of everything produced is thrown away! A key to reducing food waste is therefore to eat more frozen food.


We are members of Lokalproducerat i Väst with the goal of using a large proportion of Swedish and locally produced raw materials and thus benefiting the local industry. Our cabbage and mushrooms are locally grown, our chicken is Swedish and the eggs are from Swedish free-range hens.